Our Customers Love Working With Redstone!

Our Customers Love Working With Redstone!Redstone takes pride in making you happy all the way through the process, from the second you call us, through the moment you sign paperwork, to the day you get funded and beyond. Check out what our customers have to say.

Walter B.

Customer service is top notch as usual and Justin Green is so easy to work with and goes above and beyond to make sure you understand everything and the process always goes smoothly thank you all so much and happy holidays.

Terrance S

Great customer service by Justin would recommend the company to do a transaction , no surprises.

Hunter A.

I was treated very well. I highly recommend anyone who has the same issue as me to go to this company. I highly appreciate the way Justin treated me with all the things I needed and he had no problem helping he gave his all to help. Over all i had a great experience with this company!

Isabelle H.

Redstone was truly an amazing group of representatives. They always made things easy for me, thoroughly going over every detail of my case while helping me to understand all the legal lingo as well. Thanks to the team of lawyers the entire process was made that much simpler and easy for me it was really no hassle at all and in the end the annuity settlement I was seeking was granted in no time.

Donna L.

David Starner is the most wonderful man to work with. He helped me through the entire process and kept in constant contact with him to let me know how things were going. When I got into a terrible bind prior to finalization of process he was able to advance me funds to hold me over, This gentleman and the entire company are the top of the field. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to secure funds from an annuity settlement.


Had a nice experience, I'm glad I made the decision on working with Redstone.

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