Do I have to sell all of my future payments?

No, we can buy just a portion of them to get the money you need now, and leave as much in the future as possible.

What fees does Redstone charge?

Nothing! Redstone covers all the costs of the transaction with no fees charged to you.

How long does the process take to get a transaction approved?

The whole process is usually about 45-60 days total, from start to finish.

How can I receive my money?

However you like! We can send you a wire transfer or check. Other options are also available.

My settlement documents say that I cannot sell my payments. Can Redstone really help me?

Yes! Laws passed in 2001 allow you to sell structured settlement annuity payments, even if your paperwork may seem to say otherwise. If your payments are from some other kind of annuity or settlement, then we very likely can also still help you- we’ll just need to look at your case.

If I sell Structured Settlement annuity payments, will I have to pay taxes on my lump sum from Redstone?

No! Structured Settlement payments are tax-free, and that doesn’t change when we help you get money early.

If I sell Lottery or Casino winnings, will I have to pay taxes on my lump sump from Redstone?

Most Lottery or Casino payments are taxable, and so yes- it is likely that there will be tax implications when you sell them. We will be happy to work through the details of your specific case, and make sure you understand everything before making a decision.

Does Redstone buy Life Contingent annuity payments?

Yes! We actually have special programs just for these cases, and can often offer 2-3 TIMES the money that other companies can.

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