20 Years of Unlocking Money

Our decades of experience focus on the most important part of any transaction: the customer. With Redstone, you will be working with a, single, dedicated and experienced representative the whole time – no being passed around from one person to another. From the first introductory phone call, to receiving your check, you will be be working one-on-one with a Redstone expert who knows the business, and more importantly, personally knows you! Financial issues come at you fast – for this reason, we make sure that you can reach your representative anytime, anywhere. Calling Redstone means the end of stress and hassle – we will help you through the process, and will take care of all the complexities and legalities: you relax, we do all the work! We have the tools and expertise to get your transaction done fast and right, and get you exactly what you were promised, on time! Do you have a Life Contingent annuity? While other companies turn these customers away, we excel in Life Contingent Payments with 100% Case Approval Rate!

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How We Are Different

Redstone specializes in a proactive approach to working for our customers: we work to get you what you are promised, on time! When other businesses make delays and excuses, we make promises and deliver!

  • You work with only one Redstone Representative who knows the business, and more importantly, knows you! With Redstone, you’ll never get passed around.
  • We don’t have one way of doing things: our approach is to understand your situation and create a custom solution that fits your individual needs.
  • We maintain a strong, ongoing relationship with all our clients. Subsequent transactions are easy because the rep already knows you, and your unique situation personally!
  • Our network of attorney, banks, private equity firms and annuity issuers assures that we have multiple allies to get your deal done, fast.

What our Clients are Saying

Monique B.

I used Redstone to get my money advanced to me. Justin explained everything and answered all my questions and was always available when i called. Everything he said about my case happened as it should. No delays and its good to know a company goes over and beyond for you these days, i highly recommend Redstone they are a step above the rest. I only wish i used them the first time.

Donna L.

David Starner is the most wonderful man to work with. He helped me through the entire process and kept in constant contact with him to let me know how things were going. When I got into a terrible bind prior to finalization of process he was able to advance me funds to hold me over, This gentleman and the entire company are the top of the field. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to secure funds from an annuity settlement.

Cherodie W.

Working with redstone was awesome. When I didn't understand something they took the time to explain whatever it was. They cared enough to ask about my kids and how they were and asked about what kinda pets I had. Justin from redstone honestly has been the coolest person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Angel J.

Justin and his team were wonderful. I look forward to working with y’all again. Soon!

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