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The Redstone Process

Step 1

How much money do you need from your annuity?

Step 2

We’ll walk you through the boring documents.

Step 3

Your local court reviews & approves the exchange.

Step 4

You get paid! Enjoy your money, your way!

We Are Your Financial Problem Solvers!

Redstone Capital believes that you should be able to have and spend Your money, Your way! If your money is lockedaway in a structured settlement, an annuity or lottery/casino winnings paid out over time, Redstone can help you get that money quicker so that you can take care of life's unexpected expenses today, instead of waiting for payouts. Redstone Is positioned to help you with top industry experts, while maintaining a personal, one-on-one connection of a small, boutique business. We, and ournetwork of annuity issuers, attorneys, banks and private equity firms are here for you, with one goal -- to get you where you need to be financially, hassle and stress-free!    

We Get You Your Money!

Your money, yourway -- this is Redstone's mission, calling and business plan. If you have a structured settlement, annuity or lottery and casino payouts, we can help you get your money quicker than those long payouts to help you handle anything life throws at you or your loved ones.

Why Redstone

Redstone is large enough to help with any kind of structured settlement, annuity or lottery and casino payouts, yet small enough to give every client individual attention.We pride ourselves in cultivating a personal, warm relationship with our clients. You are not a number to us. You are a person with concerns, needs and desires.

Your Money, Your Way, Today!

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is kind of like a reverse loan. You give a lump sum of money to a financial institution, and they pay you back in small, structured payments over time. The upside is that you receive interest on your payments -- you receive more money than you gave. The downside is your money is locked away. You or your loved ones invested money, and now getting it paid back over time on a structured schedule. Need your money now? No problem, Redstone can help!


What is a Structured Settlement?

When Insurance companies settle a claim, they often offer a structured settlement. Instead of a lump-sum, one-time payout, this type of settlement pays periodic payments based on an agreed schedule. The upside is continuous income. The downside is most of your money is locked away in small, regularly-scheduled payments. Life Isn't regular, or structured. Sometimes, you need money now, not next month or next year. Redstone can help get those payments up-front!


What our Clients are Saying

Monique B.

I used Redstone to get my money advanced to me. Justin explained everything and answered all my questions and was always available when i called. Everything he said about my case happened as it should. No delays and its good to know a company goes over and beyond for you these days, i highly recommend Redstone they are a step above the rest. I only wish i used them the first time.

Donna L.

David Starner is the most wonderful man to work with. He helped me through the entire process and kept in constant contact with him to let me know how things were going. When I got into a terrible bind prior to finalization of process he was able to advance me funds to hold me over, This gentleman and the entire company are the top of the field. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to secure funds from an annuity settlement.

Cherodie W.

Working with redstone was awesome. When I didn't understand something they took the time to explain whatever it was. They cared enough to ask about my kids and how they were and asked about what kinda pets I had. Justin from redstone honestly has been the coolest person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Angel J.

Justin and his team were wonderful. I look forward to working with y’all again. Soon!

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