Manny G. received a structured settlement for injuries, and the wrongful death of his mother. Manny was very close to his mother, working at his mom's business every day. Years later, Manny reached out to Redstone to see about a transaction to sell some of his payments. Manny was in desperate need of money, with 7 kids and a desire to open a new business. The first transaction with Redstone helped Manny finance the launch of his new business, a car dealership. A few years later, Manny and Redstone were back at it for a second deal, seeking money to renovate and improve his car lot and sales center. Both deals went through flawlessly with the help of Redstone, and Manny was able to get the help he needs, for his business, and his family. Manny maintains a close relationship with his personal representative at Redstone, and often calls to chat about their kids, exchanging stories, and occasionally asking for advice.

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